Memory Guard Program Reviews by Samuel Detailed Review

Memory Guard Program Reviews

Memory Guard Program Description:

The Memory Guard Program is a well written and thoroughly researched guide that is meant to help people suffering from a mental condition significantly improve their lives and reverse the condition by adopting several unique and healthy lifestyles measures. These include simple changes such as exercising and dietary variances. The guide also helps the reader discover the key causes of mental disorders such as chronic depression, dementia, bipolar disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD and other anxiety related disorders. By learning the causes, the guide makes it easier for the reader to understand what needs to be done so as to reverse a mental condition. The book is easy to read, well organized and has only 79 pages which are divided into five (5) chapters, making it easy to follow.

memory guard program review

Memory Guard Program Review:

As mentioned above, the guide is divided into five well structured chapters, these are the Common Mental Disorders and how they are Caused, Critical Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Brain, Getting your Diet Ready, Special Mental Routines and Exercise and other Physical Ideas. Starting from the premise that medications do nothing to reverse mental disorders but simply mask the concerns that come with them, the guide does offer people suffering from mental disorders and their care givers several options of treating these disorders without necessarily opting for medication.

The first chapter delves into the common mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder(discussing the two neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin in great detail), Chronic Depression, Anxiety Related Disorders, Dementia, Dyslexia and ADHD/ADD, discussing how all these disorders are caused and how some of them can be diagnosed.

The second chapter does discuss the critical vitamins as well as minerals required for a healthy brain. These include items such as Iron nitrates which help in the removal of old toxins in the brain, Carboxylic acid, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin B12, D3 and Vitamin E as well as magnesium. This is by far one of the most interesting chapters as it attempts to show how vitamins and minerals can help stimulate the brain and make it healthier. A mineral worth mentioning in this regard is Carboxylic acid which is discussed at length and its positive effect in reversing Alzheimer’s is clearly noted. The guide goes ahead and provides foods which contain this very important mineral.



The third chapter of this book is a must read as offers guidance on how to get your diet ready. Clearly spelling out why it is important to have a good diet so as keep your body nourished and active. In the process, this helps you feel energetic and fresh. The guide goes ahead to discuss how the brain does rely heavily on how blood flows into it and the importance of keeping this flow at an optimum level and pressure. It also spells out how to ensure that neurotransmitters are working efficiently and effectively and explains in depth how toxins tend to develop in the body and how a good diet helps in tackling all the above concerns.

The guide goes ahead and provides the reader with a list of easy to find, affordable and tasty healthy foods which one should consume, with some very surprising food stuffs also included in the list.

The fourth chapter does come up with special mental routines that offer the brain some stimulation by keeping it active. The chapter mainly talks about the mental exercises you need to engage your brain with so as to make it easy for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The chapter even has a regular exercise routine with regards to reading which one can use from time to time so as to keep the mind engaged. Further to this, the chapter also has some very interesting stress relief tricks and meditation tips that are worth trying out.

The last chapter discusses the overall importance of keeping the brain physically healthy so as to enable it produce the required neurotransmitters. The need for exercise and the importance of endorphins are also discussed in this chapter at length, with an emphasis on resistance training, aerobic exercises and good old sleep.

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Memory Guard Program Pros:

One of the main advantages of this guide is that it is not only well written and organized, but the language used is also easy to understand. Even though it is propelling highly scientific arguments and points, the language used is simple and straight to the point.

The guide is also well researched, this is easy to discern by simply looking at the assertions and statements used in the book. It does not make outrageous comments regarding its ability to help treat mental disorders.

The guide is not data heavy neither is it long and boring. At only 79 pages in length, the guide is easy to download and can be read in one sitting by a keen reader.

It is also well illustrated and the foods suggested or both mental and physical exercises suggested are those common day to day foodstuffs and exercises respectively. One therefore doesn’t really need to spend a lot of money or time looking for some exotic foods or exercise routines so as to follow the tips in this guide.

Memory Guard Program Cons:

Just like many other e-books, the guide is only available in soft copy, even though this makes it readily available for many people; there is still a huge part of the population which prefers reading hard copy books.

Another major disadvantage is that the assertions made in the book are not linked with any scientific research findings which can be verified. The guide does to a great extent rely on some of the well known facts to make assertions. Even though this works quite well for a seasoned reader who may have read several books, for a new reader who is coming across these assertions for the first time, some skepticism is bound to creep in.




For those suffering mental disorders, it is important to fully understand how mental disorders develop in the brain and how they can be prevented and treated. The guide does offer tips and tricks on how to keep the brain active and some dietary standards that one should at least prescribe to so as to keep healthy. It is also worth mentioning that mental activities are an important cog in the mental health cycle for anyone keen on having a healthy mental life. In concluding the memory guard program review, it is true to state that the facts and methods prescribed in this guide are not only well known and safe, but they have also been tried and tested in different treatment regimens and found to be effective. Grab your copy here and start your journey to achieving a robust and healthy mental lifestyle.